Weekend Favourites


On Fri, my favourite part was:

Going for a run before work: Was anticipating a long day at work on Fri so decided to go for a run to be mentally prepared for the long work day, (cannot believe that I have been spending so much time at work! 🙂

Discovery: Slow run is a great way to work off the heaviness in the legs after a crazy workout the day before.

Picture 015

It was nice to spend some quiet time with my favourite machines before getting inundated by work stuff.

Picture 016

Another favourite thing to do on Friday was:

Going to the cafe near my workplace for dinner. It’s called “Streets Of London” and they have yummylicious meals at really affordable prices. I should really take better pictures of the place. Oh well, things happen when you have dinner at 8.30pm and you are blindsided by your food.

Picture 017

Top favourite thing to end off Friday was to spend some time with good friends who incidentally also made delish apple pie to go along with great coffee and company. It’s great to feel loved after a long week 🙂

Picture 018

On Sat, my favourite feeling after going for a killer workout was seeing lovely flowers in on the sparse grass patch outside my home.  A thing of beauty is definitely a joy forever (until of course it has been dug out by wandering dogs or stamped on by little kiddos)

Picture 021

My favourite thing was also seeing this cat-nap taking place-sending out a very strong message that sleep takes precedence above anything else, including place to sleep at.

Picture 022

Okay, so the below is not exactly a favourite thing, but it happened whilst I was indulging in my favourite activity of catching up on sitcoms. What can I say, it is dramatic when a group of policemen looks very disturbed right outside your home. I wonder what scandalous thing took place. Perhaps next time I should ask them if I see them. 🙂

Picture 023

Sat ended off nicely when the Hubs and I spent some time with friends who are a truly hilarious and inspiring ,passionate group of peeps. Too bad I was really sleepy from the workout in the morning but I managed to snag this:

Picture 025

Cute, no?

Which brings us to Sunday’s favs:

The favourite part of Sunday was spending some time with family, being able to get past my Achilles Heel of Candy Crush Stage 33 (with the help of my brother) and being able to hopefully chill with a certain Ms Stella Artois before calling it a night!


What are some favourite scenes/workouts/experiences you’ve had over the weekend?



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