My Trainer Killed Me & Other Stuff

My trainer shredded my legs on Thurs-I lost count of the leg raises, leg curls ,tricep pulldowns, lat pull downs and lunges I did. At one point, he tripled the weight of the leg raises (i’m really not sure what was the weight..around 40kg? 5 plates on each side). Even though I felt like dying and super out of breath, the session was still the best part of my day.

Truth be told, I’m not a huge fan of weights as compared to cardio stuff ( I’m just a bit intimidated coz the strength training zone is so male dominated at the gym) but it’s so essential though, for building core strength and for building mental stamina.  Strength training is all about focus and mental motivation and I’ve realized that it’s much easier to grit my teeth and get through the set then start all over.

Well, but that crazy sauce session was the best thing that happened on Thursday which was filled with meetings and a lot of work.

Of course the best way to end off the long day was having a good dinner!

Dinner with Indonesian food and the Hubs looking mighty satisfied with his food as usual.

Picture 010

me-upset that the food was all gone!

Picture 012

Picture 014

How to end off the night: Some light snacks whilst watching the 1980 cornball film “Airplane!”

Famous line delivered by Leslie Nielsen in the show when asked “Surely, you can’t be serious?

“ I am serious. And don’t call me Shirley”


How do you feel towards strength training? Love it or hate it?

Any cornball movie you have watched recently? Heard that Hangover III will be out soon! Looking forward to it! Can’t believe I’m the same person who used to watch arthouse films! What happened there? 🙂


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