Mid Week Randoms

And the tiring part of the week is over. Had to conduct some external programmes yesterday and today and it’s a tad energy depleting. Coupled with doing some other work in between the sessions, it was certainly trying. But, it’s all done so yay!

To help me get through the long day, some energy food was in order! Made spinach and eggs with Chinese ham (from the Philippines!) and an Ezekiel raisin toast for the Hubs & myself.  It was protein packed and helped me last through the day.

Picture 006

Dinner was sort of random; I defrosted some previously marinated sesame chicken and we had some vegs on hand so it was sort of a big chicken salad:

My Plate:

Picture 001

The Hub’s Plate: (any difference??)  what can I say, I love my vegs and protein.

Picture 002

Have been a bit obsessed with chocolate rice sprinkles so for dessert:

Lemon sorbet with cereal topping and chocolate rice sprinkles. It looks like worms below but it’s real tasty.

Picture 003

The evening ended off with some work to be done (work! work!).

Picture 004

After which, some good entertainment was in order! We were lucky that Top Gear was on!

Who doesn’t love good British humour, fast cars and crazy experiments?? And would you believe it, Lewis Hamiliton was on the show! His driving is a beaut! The way he  manoeuvres those curves and bends…sweet!

Picture 005

Some more random stuff:

If I could drive, I would scoot around in  a Jaguar.



If I could choose a country to live and work in, I’d probably choose UK.

A dream camera to reward myself when I’ve survived this year would be:

The Canon EOS M.


Also, I think I may be having some hiccups at work. Not sure yet, just pre-empting.

So I’m looking forward to the below and my PT classes to help me unwind.


Night all!

What is your dream car?

Do you bring your work home often?

What are your healthy eats to power through a long day?






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