It is 9.30pm And…..

I just had time to breathe & exhale for the day.

Today was a particularly long day with things cropping up here and there at work and so me & the hubs (who also had a very long day) decided to go unwind.

We headed to our relaxation station (actually Chilli’s) and had our unwinding food & some drinks.

A mojito for the man and a pomegranate margarita for yours truly. Recently I’ve discovered small helpings of drinks really does wonders for the mind and body. And also because it helps warm up the body and it is really good for blood circulation for my arm. *ahem*excuses*ahem*

Picture 015

We shared a bowl of Chilli’s chilli (the reason why we were there!) and also some sliders; after which we commiserated over our day and decided that things weren’t so unsolvable.  I guess the main reason why we hang out at Chilli’s after tough days is because it seems like most people there look like they encounter some long days and there is this general sense of unspoken understanding as each table is chilling over some beer or drinks. The crowd in this particular outlet is more mature and is a good mix of locals and western expats so there is no real need to keep topics “child-friendly”.

Picture 017

Picture 018

The Hubs feeling pleased as punch with good food and good company. Do not worry, that is his happy face, it is definitely not a candid shot gone wrong. 😛

Picture 016

The week did start off great though when the Hubs and I discovered this dim sum place accidentally after we went to the Chinatown hawker center on Sunday and discovered that it was closed for renovations! It was a blessing in disguise and the joint reminded us of Hong Kong eateries-small, crowded, wait staff yelling, families talking at the top of their voices etc.

Picture 012

I thought we ordered too much food until I looked around and realized that the quantity we ordered was way below the median of the people eating there.

Picture 013

Once again, the Hubs looking mighty pleased with his brunch-the look is definitely a happy and satisfied one. This is weird-I keep capturing dubious moments of the Hub’s emotions 😛

Picture 014

I managed to get my workouts on. In order to maximise and up the ante, I have been going for combat classes before my PT . It actually helps as muscles are all warmed up before I go on to the intense, intense PT sessions. I have gotten used to the soreness that working out after the soreness starts actually alleviates that “Pinnochio” (my body is like a wooden plank) feeling. 

By the way, I can’t use an iphone camera to take portrait shots for nuts. Although I’m really keen on the camera below, my Iphone is sufficient for picture taking for now. Less conspicuous.

Picture 010

Some healthy eats of the week:

Minced meat, spinach and egg fry-up with saltines for one of the breakfasts.

Picture 009

A salad (with carrots, lettuce, spinach, some minced meat, leftover egg & pine nuts) for one of the dinners.

Picture 011

A cheese sausage and rice cakes with cereal topping and jam for one of the breakfasts.

Picture 006

This week I really had to try hard to put the 7 Habits into practice. Especially when things seem to spiral out of control, it is easy to not be proactive and to focus too much on urgent, unimportant things and to delve too deeply into the Circle Of Concern (things that are out of our control & influence). So I had to try much harder this week-but it’s indubitable that these are good habits in the long run.

Some random things about me:

1) I have always wanted to be a policewoman since young. But I got rejected on two occasions. Technically it is because of the height issue, but I guess they haven’t seen me at work (tall or not).

2) I love low brow, toilet humour movies. So imagine my delight when I downloaded Mel Brooks’ shows (Robin Hood: Men In Tights & Dracula-Dead & Loving It)and Leslie Nielsen’s movies (The Naked Gun Trilogy). I am now officially discredited as a recommender for good movies. I do believe very strongly that this is what movies should be-laugh-out-a minute-aloud instead of being all serious and stuff. C’mon, who needs real life being thrown back in the movies? But that’s just me saying 🙂

What was your childhood ambition and dream occupation?

Do you like low brow or high brow movies? If you like low brow stuff, any good movies to recommend ?

I swear, my  middle name is really Queen Of Lame Lame Humour.


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