2XU & Easter

Happy Easter all! Easter this year was celebrated quite differently in the household. A few months ago, our friends decided to take part in the 2XU run. The guys would do 10k and me & gal pal (below) would do 21k.

So came day before race day (today) and 2 of our friends couldn’t make it and gal pal and I were down with the flu and cough. But we still managed to make it to the race venue this morning (after taking the meds!). And Hubs had the company of the 2 remaining guys to run the 10k!

Truth be told, it has been 1.5yrs since the last time I raced and I really wanted to take it easy because I didn’t want to be out of action after the run and also because I wanted to finish my run safely. So we took it slow and I completed the entire course without walking. But my timing has gone down since my last 21k and I took 3hrs, whereas in the last race I took 2.5hrs. So a bit disappointed but still feeling glad that I ran the whole course (slowly) and still managed to go for mass and go walk around town after the run!

The feeling after the run was still fabulous; miss this great feeling of achievement and surrounded by happy satisfied runners! Of course, the Hub’s presence made such a difference, it’s so awesome to have this shared experience with the Hubs!

Of course, after this, it’s high time for a proper running training plan so that I can complete my future 21k safely and with a better timing!

Scenes From The Run:

Runners gathering in front of the flyer, near the race venue in the early morning.

Picture 013

Me & gal pal after the race! 🙂 She is one strong strong lady, and her stamina is awesome-sauce!

Picture 015

The Hubs finished his 10k in around 50 minutes, so proud of him! 🙂

Picture 018

After the run, we got back, cleaned up and went for Easter mass! Homily was quite apt, about getting out of our own dark caves and be willing to be free to embrace truth and positivity in our lives.

Following that we had our own version of Easter lunch! Meatball soup and minced meat noodles for the Hubs!

All cleaned up and no more sweaty stuff!

Picture 017

Picture 016

We window-shopped a bit and did our Sunday housework for the week ahead! What a off the beaten track this Sunday has been! It’s been quite fulfilling and enjoyable! Kudos to all the runners this morning; I felt a sense of camaraderie because everybody is trying and they are all running for a reason.

Is anyone out there who has not caught the flu bug going around? Seems like everybody has gotten the bug!

Have you ever taken part in a race/competition? Did you like it and why?