Special Sunday

Presenting “Leo’s & Ying’s day of fun!” – (trivia source- does anyone remember the Friend’s episode which features Joey & Janice’s day of fun? )

Our day of fun, I must say is definitely not contrived like the above mentioned episode! Both of us have been working really hard and our past Sundays have been spent prepping for work, running household errands or doing obligatory family stuff so today was a date for ourselves and take Sunday in its true fashion of relaxing and not thinking about work!

Picture 226

After mass, we headed to a forgotten breakfast haunt- the Chinatown hawker center at the market! As today marks the last day of Chinese New Year, there is a nice bustling of family breakfasts there but not overtly crowded so all was good!

Picture 189

Our favourite breakfast foods!

Picture 236

We managed to catch a dragon dance; I  love love dragon and lion dances. They really build up that celebratory atmosphere and its so in your face but so fun to watch the acrobatics and footwork. Short of setting off fire crackers (which is so unfortunately banned), nothing says Chinese New Year more than the lion dance.

Can you spot the dragon in the picture? Took it from a bridge-not very clear.

Picture 190

We passed by Parco Millenia, and took some time to admire the retro objects on display at the Nanyang Coffee House before purchasing a bag of coffee powder. I am a huge fan of Chinese roasted coffee!

Picture 193

Picture 233

After a nice and warm walk, we reached our destination of choice-The Gardens By The Bay! It’s our second time there and it has not disappointed.  It’s an epic masterpiece in landscaping or should I say forestry?

So excited to be there that I can’t keep my eyes open.

Picture 194

The very impressive looking falls that takes one’s breath away every time.

Picture 198

Picture 201

Picture 237

Especially lovely looking petals.

Picture 202

In the flower dome with the Chinese New Year spring flowers and decorations.

Picture 205

Isn’t this a pretty picture? It’s like we caught a budding plant in the midst of a winter landscape. Looks like a picture worthy to be in National Geographic. *ahem*

Picture 206

I really didn’t catch the names of the flowers but they make such a pretty landscape.

Picture 208


Picture 210

Picture 214

How lucky were we? We saw these cosplay folks posing for some shots!

Picture 217

To end off the wonderful day of fun, we went for a nice short run in the late evening in which the Hubs commented that I was ultra competitive since I didn’t allow him to win in the mini race we had.  🙂

After which we settled for a cosy dinner at home.

New dish below: Azuki (red bean) brown rice. It was really tasty but in retrospect I should have put it in with white rice for a nicer colour.

Picture 229

Azuki rice piled with veggies in an unruly manner. 🙂

Picture 232

With niang tou fu soup.

Picture 230

And settled for an evening of watching the Chingay Parade on telly. I really like the Chinese opera float compared to the other floats that are reminiscent of those seen during National Day Parade.

Picture 234

Picture 235

Ending the evening on a nice light note with TsingTao Beer. Not as delish as Stella Artois but still light and tasty on the palate.

Picture 238

How did you spend your Sunday?

Have you ever caught a live Chingay Parade?

I think I like the Chingay parades of yore (in the 80’s and 90’s). It’s too pimped up now and not at all Chingay-ish! It just feels like a National Day parade without the military segment.


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