Odds & Ends, Bits & Pieces

And so, the festivities and celebrations of Chinese New Year came and went and normal life has resumed again! This year hasn’t been too stressful or physically exhausting, so we are pretty thankful for that!

There were some lovely bits of nice happenings so let’s just go down the list!

Caught a wonderful free outdoor evening performance by B5 Brass, a brass quintet on 8th Feb; at the Esplanade.

We happened on them by chance and we caught the last few songs they played; very groovy and upbeat; and makes you want to tap along to the loud brassy and assertive beat.

(picture from source)b5

The lovely festive deco on the ceiling lights of the esplanade.


Next up, a 10k was completed on the treadmill! Which was not as tough as I thought since it’s on a machine. The treadmill was preset to a timed limit, so I had to do 2 sets of 5k which was quite silly. Nevertheless, a ten was completed!

After the feasting, me and the hubs took the public holiday to run a 5k in the gym on the treadmill; and this time, a TV star came up and ran beside me! The fleeting thrill of being almost famous or near someone famous was definitely memorable!

The workouts this week were the runs and 2 sessions of PT which were really great for the mobility in my arms and helped me overcome some barriers I had about how my arm was functioning.



After the festivities, we met up with friends to explore a lovely park near their place! The hubs walked their lovely dog….


and with friends….


The space, greenery and serenity is unbelievable!




Following that, was Valentines’ in which the hubs surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers at home after a long day. It’s funny how when you are younger, there is so much importance placed on this day but once there’s a deeper and more mature relationship, I think these things become secondary to how you communicate or treat each other on a daily basis.  Funnily in a way, the Hubs has made it his own tradition to just get flowers as a surprise (since I insist on him not getting anything every year), as his way of celebrating Valentine’s.  It’s really a sweet thought, and flowers do make the place look cheery!


Have you ever had a close encounter with a famous personality in the gym or out on your workouts?

How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day?


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