This week has been a week of giving thanks and being extremely grateful for me. Some things to appreciate on the top of my list:

1) Being able to get back to working out!

Some workouts this week:

7k each on Monday & Tuesday.

Picture 167

1 session of combat (coupled with 2 other sessions last week)

1 session of PT-hardcore like anything but that’s probably because I was a bit out of shape for the last 3 weeks of not pumping anything. It was intense but I was really really thankful to be able to even attend a session, seeing that I was so out of it previously.

2) Getting Encouragement from Professionals

 Went for my physiotherapy session on Wednesday and the therapist was able to let me know more specifically what was happening and how I can regain strength back in certain parts and actions of my arm. My PT instructor also reminded me constantly that I need time for things to get back to normal. Yes, it is frustrating when the arm goes limp and the normal strength is not there but at least I got the chance to work it.

Work-wise, things have taken on a different perspective ever since the mishap-not going to work for 3 weeks made me miss work lots! It takes a cog to go awry in daily life before one appreciates the everyday workings of it.

On another note, here are some eats of the week!

Pork Patty on a bed of spinach, peas, baby carrots, salad greens and baby Idaho potatoes

Picture 174

Leftover pork patty (made into salad), an egg, some roast meat and spiced mackeral fillet (otah) with brown rice.

Picture 171

Picture 173

Roast Chicken thigh with caramelized onions, Chinese bok choy (vegetables) and lettuce.

Picture 168

It is getting a bit old, but I really hope my arm makes a full recovery-I suppose I have come a rather long way; it’s just so frustrating when I can’t get things right. Let’s see how things go from here.

Have you ever made slow progress on a physical  ailment ? How did you get over the feelings of impatience and frustration?