Of Candy Crush & Miscellaneous Stuff

Hi, I’m Ying and I’m addicted to Candy Crush.

Yes, this apparently simple game of getting the set candy crushed using logic and spatial concept has got me really hooked. And yes, I’m officially a Candy Crush addict, although not a very good and successful one.


I was stuck at Level 30 for the longest time, until 2 days ago, when my personal trainer killed me with his crazy intense sauce workouts. Case in point that exercise really does make one smarter (or releases hormones to make one think better), I managed to crush Level 30 that very afternoon after the workout.

So yes, working out + Candy Crush= good for mind.

I can’t complain about those tough workouts, I’m really thankful to be able to get back to doing them.

Something I thought of while doing the gazaillonth squat for my trainer, it’s that whether we can or cannot do something depends on our own internal soundtrack. If the soundtrack is a heart pumping, Lady Gaga-esque or Flo-Rida-ish  “go-get-them” one, it’s bound to be able to make you believe and act as everything is possible and that you can rule the world and crush the negativity. It’s just amazing that even though we need to have the physical aspect to get things going, 90% of the time, it’s all mental.

The gym-the place where I can be me and have time for myself- where I’m not needed to solve work stuff, be a wife, daughter or employee. I can just focus on me and give my 100% to my workout.

Picture 001

All I need for my workout.

Picture 002

I had the best food today at this joint near my workplace. I had a portobello mushroom with cheese and bacon on top! It’s the yummiest thing ever! I will re-create it for my dinner one of these days. The joint is run by this really friendly chap and he knows us by sight now. The service is par excellent and the food-beautiful! It’s a hang out joint for us to chill on days when we feel a little overwhelmed by work 🙂 

Picture 003

I’ve been a bit crazy-sauce over this lovely discovery I made at the supermarket. There are sunflower seeds, crushed almonds and other good stuff and it’s really effective for curbing any hunger pangs. 2 teaspoons do the trick and the good thing is it’s real tasty.

Picture 005 

Leaving you with the below to power through the week!



Are you a Candy Crush addict? Ever been hooked on any app game?

How do you help yourself power through the week?

I power thorough by looking at these pinterest motivation boards and by working out. It helps! After all, it’s 90% mental!