It seems like an eternity from when I last posted! It has been around 3 weeks since my mishap and time seems to be moving so slowly. The good thing is I do not have a fracture-the injury is in fact a muscle contusion-which means the muscles are all entangled and they need time to pull themselves together.  The doctor actually gave me 2 weeks (ending this Friday) to give my arm time to get moving properly again.  In his words “keep moving the arm!”

So the past 2 weeks have been a constant rehab of hot water presses, arm exercises and practicing actions which we often take for granted like touching the hair, reaching out to get stuff and pointing at people or things. The only exercises I’m doing at the moment is long walks and moving my arms. May I add that I’m officially sick of watching shows and teevee. 🙂  Although throughout this period of time, I have come to understand the workings of my body better and I have never been so well rested. 

As my arm regained some strength, I have also been coming up with some eats as part of my stay home hospitalizationn leave rehab. Some eats the past 2 weeks which have been concocted mainly by my left arm with aid from the right.

Shrimp Patty With Greens for Lunch

Picture 157

Minced Pork, Eggy and a bit of leftover ham for one of the lunches

Picture 156

Minestrone Soup with Chicken & Purple Rice for one of the dinners

 Picture 158

Bacon & Eggies on toast for one of the breakfasts

Picture 161

Minced Pork, Eggy and Zucchini for one of the lunches again

Picture 162

In other news, has anyone watched the widely talked about Lance Armstrong interview on Oprah? It’s a pity he succumbed to drugs ‘cause he is intensely committed to his sport and he is very strong mentally. It’s really a case of extreme narcissism and hubris that brought him down.

Picture 163

Hope the week is going well for everyone!

How has your week been so far? Mine’s filled with arm rehab and getting things back to normalcy!



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