Saturday Doings

Today is the official one week anniversary of my fall and over the past few days, I discovered some really good sitcoms whilst recuperating. The first would be the show-Community-it’s a smart funny sitcom that revolves around the lives of 7 different people who belong in the same study group in a community college. It’s smarter and more varied than Haw I Met Your Mother and a tad like Friends, albeit a bit meaner. Also another good sitcom is Anger Management, helmed by Charlie Sheen who has made a funnier comeback as an anger therapist. I have been re-watching Everybody Loves Raymond and it is so much funnier now that I re-watch it as an adult-I really like Marie and Frank! If only we can be as maniacal as them in real life!

Some other stuff that I have done whilst having to stay home so long (the only time I was kept at home for a prolonged period of time was when I got the chicken pox at 17) besides spending quality time with family-(its nice to have people take care of you)was read a lot. And some reads include:

Picture 153

Have been meaning to get down to these reads some time back but didn’t have the time!

Also, I have been very adept in using my left hand to do stuff such as: take the picture below with my phone using my left hand!

Picture of my bruise below- and seeing how I can’t really bend my right hand, this proved to be quite a challenge!

Picture 155

Actually, real truth hit home when I saw an old man on a bike today; and he only had one arm; the other was amputated. I guess my injury is really a speckle of inconvenience in his world. It’s also amazing how the human body adapts so quickly to situations!

The highlight of my day was this morning-when I had the workout date with a friend-and we walked all around Botanical Gardens in the morning. It was really really great to get out of the house and get some fresh air. It was really good-I needed some sort of workout to help me take my mind off things.

Some scenes from the walk below:-once again, its amazing to know that there are so many others out there who are already doing their workouts in the early hours of the morning! It’s real inspiring to get one out of bed!

Picture 146

Picture 150

Picture 151

Some healthy eats whilst recuperating: it’s usually eggs, greens and meat so I can get enough protein to recover quickly.

Looks like my left hand has been doing a lot of work!

Picture 145

Picture 152

Am keeping my fingers crossed that my orthopaedic checkup on Monday will be ok!

How has your Saturday been?  Which part of your body are you most grateful for?


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