Have not been blogging the past few days because of an unexpected injury—had slipped on a freshly mopped albeit wet floor on Saturday and sort of fractured my scapula; a bone which I didn’t even know existed until then when I was taken to the A&E ward by the Hubs that very night.  I must say that was a spectacular fall because my arm really took a beating!

This is definitely a first—and that took quite a turn because apparently, its really hard to move my right hand around and the doctor gave me a week’s break which is sort of driving me crazy a bit because usually I have the day’s activities planned out and the day is full of errands and things to do but all these will have to take a standstill at the moment. It’s a colossal inconvenience and I really have to adjust to it for a while.

In the meantime, am really worried about my physical level—am afraid things will have to be back to square one; but I guess I really have to take it one step at a time.

Hope things look up! Will update with picture posts once my arm feels a whole lot better and am able to lift it up!

Have you ever been injured? What did you do whilst recuperating?


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