Weekend Yay

Hola all! It’s the first weekend of the new year! Hope everyone’s have managed to adjust to the post festive mood! This morning started on an early and wonderful note. I met a friend to workout at 6.20am in the morning and it felt really good. Initially I was a tad worried about how dark it may be outside when I set out but it seems that I wasn’t the only early bird around. Looks like there are many folks out there who like to get their workout done in the morning! It felt really good in the morning—there’s just something about the quietude and the slow crack of dawn that makes one feel very inspired and positive.

When we ended, it was still early and I was really glad for the company as I won’t be able to get up so early during the weekend! 🙂

Picture 143

Recap Of The Week:

I was determined to be organzied and healthful so over the last weekend, after doing groceries, I prepped the vegs and the meats for a week’s worth of meals (a tip I picked up from other blogs). Each bag or box has a meal’s worth of ingredients so it makes preparing healthy dinners a breeze and a timesaver!

Picture 132

Picture 133

Some meals during the week (forgot to capture most of my meals on camera; wasted!) 

Cereal with chia seeds for breakfast on Monday

Picture 137

Roast chicken below with minestrone pasta soup (unpictured) for dinner on Thursday

Picture 138

Raisin toast with leftover roast chicken and egg white for Friday’s breakfast.

Picture 141

Workouts this week so far:

Mon-30 mins combat & 1 hr PT

Tues-38mins run

Thurs-1 hr PT

Sat: 6.5k workout

At this moment, Usher’s Scream is stuck in my head after listening to it on one of my runs. Need to get it out of my system!

So glad the weekend is here! Have fun and recharge all!

When was the earliest that you have gotten out of bed on a weekend & what was it for?



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