Ringing In The New Year

Happy 2013 all! It’s really amazing how December went by in a flash and it was full of fond memories. The Christmas tree is down and the festivities have tapered down. But 2012 ended on a great  note with  times spent with family and  friends with good food all around!

Picture 111



Picture 130

We rang in the new year with a run today to the Gardens!

Picture 112

The Gardens was still in a Christmas celebratory spirit with different decorated Christmas trees all lined up!

Picture 121

Picture 118

Picture 122

Apparently the New Year is not just about recovering from a late night’s worth of partying from the night before. It is also quite a popular day for weddings! That was the 3rd wedding shot we ran by.  And many also chose to spend the New Year picnicking with nature!

Picture 123

Our first run of 2013!

Picture 124

Picture 126


Followed later by our first healthy dinner of 2013! Red rice with tilapia and spinach and slaw on the side with cashews!

Hubs plate:

Picture 127

My plate:

Picture 129

Some goals for the New Year:

Picture 074

Picture 075

How did you spend your New Year’s Eve & New Year? Any goals for 2013?


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