Learning All Over Again

These few days have been quite a relief and quite surreal. Whilst I was happy to get back to work after my hospitalization leave, I was also still in the dark about how my arm injury would be and whether there will be any closure about it. While I was busy doing my arm exercises and going for my runs (which helped my arm to be more mobile), I was also in trepidation as to what the news would be. So it was with a great sense of relief when I went for my ortheopaedic checkup yesterday and the doctor, together with his consultant and another doctor assured me that I just have to keep moving my arm because the muscles have weakened considerably during the period when I kept it immobile. 

It’s just back to square one for me; to get my muscles back to how they were previously and to recover my strength in my arm even if I have to “work through some pain barriers” (according to the doc). The news is actually quite reassuring, seeing that there is actually something to work towards to. It’s like being given a new lease of life!

Everyday, there is a new discomfort barrier to be broken to wake my arm muscles up from hibernation and its sometimes more mental than anything else-I’m just continually amazed at how the human body works-I wonder if bears feel this way after a long winter hibernation?

I did some runs this week-around 4.8km each time just via the park connectors and the runs really help mobilize and warm up my arm lots! Its nice to be on the familar paths again!

To comfort me, the Hubs brought me on a pizza date not too long ago


To top it off, my colleagues got me a special get well gift. I felt so loved! It’s nice to be cared for. This tops off all the other get well food I got from my parents and aunt!


Some nice dinners (bought and cooked) that we had:

As treat for getting by and improving this week, we had a special crabby Japanese bento box!



For dinner today:


A vat of vegetable & pepper chicken stir fry, porridge and fish nuggets.


Loving the vegetables! ( what to do with a mish mash of produce in the fridge)

I guess this week was a mixture of emotions-ranging from paranoia to frustration and finally relief and constructive positivity! Its hard work but at least there is a light at the end of the tunnel!



Did you ever have to go through a physical or emotional barrier? How did you work your way through it?