Favourite Things About Christmas 2012

Had a great PT session today! Can’t believe that I survived 4 good gruelling and intensive sessions (a quarter of the total number of sessions)! Because I am quite lackadaisical about strength training, the sessions have been very useful and interesting! (although I always have a sense of trepidation before each session, but I kind of look forward to them). It’s good to switch things up a bit. Of course I will get back to running soon, once the Hubs’ vacation is over.

Also, I can’t quite grasp that Christmas is over! The build-up leading to Christmas was so much fun and it was wonderful to do things that you will never usually do –for instance, going grocery shopping for Christmas items and foods at night, listening to the songs ( I must say Christmas is the only time that has nice and meaningful songs), going for Christmas mass and Christmas gatherings and exchanging presents.

Some special memories about Christmas this year:

1) Putting Together A Rocking Chair

We bought a rocking chair from Ikea and it was an adventure putting it together because the Hubs put in the wrong screw for one of the parts and it was stuck for a really long time and we thought that we had to live with a half baked armchair. But our nerves and minds prevailed and with lots of patience, we managed to put it together successfully.

Picture 152

The Hubs figuring out the steps and the parts!

Picture 149


2) Spending Good Times With Friends & Family

It’s amazing when you think that through the good and bad times, close pals and family members would always be there and make time and catch up from where we last left off.



3) Christmas Songs

Am loving this compilation of Christmas songs –A Very Special Christmas 7, especially Kristina DeBarge’s Do You Hear What I Hear and Sean Kingston’s version of Drummer Boy. The songs remind me of having relaxed moments at Starbucks chilling out.


Source: http://www.parcbench.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/a-very-special-christmas-7.jpg

4) Christmas Drinks

Have been spending time at Starbucks reading whilst waiting for the Hubs to finish his workouts and using some credit on the Starbucks card to get their seasonal Christmas coffee!

Picture 154

On the topic of Christmas drinks, am super loving egg nog! Have been putting it my candy cane tea and it is absolutely the best Christmasy drink ever!

Picture 182

5) Christmas Foods

Some special and interesting Christmas foods that I really loved besides the ham and meats would be the special desserts like Gingerbread Man cookies. These babies or Gingy buddies from Starbucks rock! We also discovered fancy seasonal chocolates from Ghiradelli.

Picture 181

Picture 185

In addition, we also tried making panna cotta. It wasn’t as difficult as we thought! Recipe below.

Recipe from Savour Magazine

Serves 6

3 leaves gelatin

290ml whipping cream

250ml coconut cream

260ml coconut milk

100g sugar

Picture 157

1) Soften gelatin in cold water for 5 mins, then drain, reserving gelatin leaves.

2) combine whipping cream, coconut cream, coconut milk and sugar in saucepan and slowly bring to boil.

Picture 160

Picture 162

3) Remove from heat, add gelatin and stir well. Strain mixture into bowl.

4) Pour mixture into clean glasses. Once cooled, cover surface with cling film to prevent layer from forming.

Picture 177

5) Refrigerate overnight.

We added caramel milk jam (that I had in the fridge, given by a friend for my birthday); heated the milk jam and drizzled it on top of the panna cotta!

Picture 184

6) Going To The Ocenarium

We made a special trip to the Oceanarium and it was eye opening. Although the Osaka’s aquarium is still to me the most breath taking of all, this still is quite impressive.

Picture 179

Picture 180

7) The Tree

And of course, we will miss this once Christmas is over. Thank goodness for the 12 days of Christmas! I am still hanging on to Christmas as much as I can.

Picture 178

I will definitely miss Christmas! It is always a time to appreciate what we have even more because it is a season of miracle and love. I also realized that perhaps I have to temper more love and understanding at work and at home. I’ve always been a tad impatient and rather quick tempered, so this will be a good new year resolution to have.

What did you do for Christmas this year? Any special memories?


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