Twas The Night Before Christmas

It’s amazing how close to Christmas we are yet again! This year, Christmas should be a even more meaningful one because it is happening in spite of doomsday predictions, it is happening despite the horrid shootings of school children in Connecticut, it is happening, amidst the scandals of local politicians and powerful figures. If there is a season to be jolly, it is now because it is one of the rare seasons or customs that focus on hope, forgiveness and thankfulness.

This year, Christmas has been one spent with close friends. In the last week, we have gone to some gatherings (details and pictures to come later), made panna cotta, (recipe to come later), put together a rocking chair and have had some interesting eats! More importantly, I remembered this book that I used to read as a child with my brothers on Christmas Eve: it’s about an evil rat who wanted to evict a family of mice on Christmas eve but Siegfried the mouse and his dad manage to save the night. It brought back loads of wonderful Christmas eve memories spent with my brothers, doing up “newsletters”, reading great stories together and putting up mini skits to entertain ourselves and finding  surprise presents hidden among my clothes one year and really believing Santa came cause none of my family members would admit to putting the present there. 

This Christmas, I hope that all of you will have a fond memory spent with your family and to also realize that the gift of imagination and being able to have loved ones around will matter so much more and will stay etched in your mind for many christmas-es to come. Merry Christmas! Will update with more posts but for more I will have to say adios amigos!



What is your favourite childhood Christmas memory?


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