Long Vacation

Am going back to work after a somewhat long vacation of 2 weeks. It has been really wonderful just relaxing and not working, checking mails and solving problems for 2 weeks! (even though the other week was spent at home; it was marvellous!). I feel like the characters on the Japanese drama serial of the same name (Long Vacation) in which they seek to find themselves when they get laid off and are in between temporary jobs. Even though I didn’t get to go anywhere during the second half of my break, it was good to spend time with family, friends and to take stock of my personal and professional life and to readjust certain mindset I have.

Since the Hubs is also having his long vacation (term break); we managed to do lotsof stuff together. These included watching Hotel Translyvania & The Hobbit on weekday mornings, hanging out with chums for hours on end, doing Christmas shopping, sprucing up the home and catching up on sitcoms. Parks & Recreation by the way, is our new favourite sitcom to chill out to. In addition, the Hubs have signed me up for some PT sessions at the gym with him, so there’s lots of common commiserating over our feel good yet torturous sessions.

Lots of cooking also ensued, seeing that we had time to prep our meals.

Thursday’s Dinner

Chee Chong Fan (rice roll) with plenty of ingredients (mushrooms, crabstick, soybeans, veg, minced meat). Yums!

Chee Chong Fan (rice roll) with plenty of ingredients (mushrooms, crabstick, soybeans, veg, minced meat). Yums!

Wednesday Dinner:

Faux Crabmeat with Endamame, Black Bean & Soy Bean salad


To go with: Honey Glazed Chicken bought from the supermarket!


Together with small baby Idaho potatoes & greens, the Hubs felt that this was like a mini Christmas dinner of sorts!


This afternoon’s lunch: Brown rice vermicelli with roasted pork & greens, carrots, mushrooms!



Something I’ve been loving lately: Egg Nog! I realized that there are two extreme camps with regards to this; some love it to bits and others hate the smell & taste of it. Personally, I was a bit dubious when I got this, but it has proved to be quite tasty! Although I don’t drink it straight up because it is just too sweet; I’ve added it into teas, coffee and have created an egg nog latte of sorts. Also, you can add it into oatmeal and pancake mix to give some nice christmasy flavouring.


Some Christmas resolutions:

1) Be nice

2) Be calm

3) Survive all my PT sessions at the gym

Let’s see how this go shall we? (Although I’m so tempted to steal Barney’s line and say that I shall be awesome and legendary for my Christmas resolution!) 🙂

Since I’m going back to work tomorrow; lets hope that things will be ok!


How do you feel when you get back to work after a long holiday? How do you cope with getting back to work?



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