Back On Track

After so many days of resting, it was time to get back on track! But not before these happened:

A whole lot of getting into the Xmas Spirit!

1) Seeing Santa in the mall-I have a penchant for real life fictional characters!

Picture 139

2) Having brunch with the in-laws (surrounded by Xmas deco in the club!)

Picture 141

Picture 143

3) Baking holiday cookies-double chocolate chip and walnut cookies!

Picture 144

4) Putting Up The Xmas Tree!

Picture 148

So today marked the foray into getting back on track! Did a Body Combat and Body Pump class. Wow! The Body Pump class shredded me!-in a good way! It was intense awesome! My quads are seriously feeling the bur!

In the gym:

Picture 145

On my way to the supermarket, I found these gems at the Coffee Bean & Tea leaf that puts one right in the Christmas Spirit! Check out their Gingerbread Cookie flavoured  coffee and Candy Cane Tea.  Looks like they have more fun flavours of beverages than Starbucks! The festive names make them sound yummy! Looking forward to making some pancakes and having gingerbread cookie coffee tomorrow!

Picture 147

What are some of the awesome stuff that puts you in the mood for celebrating Christmas?



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