Vacation Part 2-The Trip

If I could sum up the vacation in a picture, it would be this:

Picture 115

It was summer vacation by the pool with my kindle, and my sunglasses. For the 4 days we were there, I managed to read more than I ever did throughout this entire year! Undisturbed by the daily humdrum life, I managed to complete:

1) Happier At Home

2) The Marriage Bargain

3) Gone Girl

4) Fifty Shades Freed (it’s a much better plot and story than the first 2 books!)

5) Heart Of The Matter

Yup, most of them chick lit but still, I rediscovered the joy of reading undisturbed and time flew by quite nicely.  I had forgotten the wonderful feeling of being immersed in a book. It was quite a great environment to read (although it was really hot at certain points and we had to cool off in the pool), as there were many other European couples sunning and reading. Everybody had a book or a Kindle, which was fantastic!

It’s not an exaggeration when I say that it’s so hard to read continuously undisturbed back home. There’s always something else to do, something else to look into and even when there’s time to read, it’s always when I’m in the bus or the train and I have to stop halfway when I reach my destination!

Scenes By The Pool:

Picture 029

Picture 031

Picture 044

Picture 048

Picture 058

Picture 067

Picture 126

On our last night there, the Hubs surprised me with a romantic dinner by the beach!

It was amazingly awesome and the setting was right—the breeze was just nice, the band was playing a great set-(all our favourite songs!) and we had a fantastic conversation together with a great selection of food!

This was really a vacation that me and the Hubs needed—-some downtime before the madness of work and the immensity of life takes over. Coupled with fantabulous massages, this is exactly “what the doctor ordered”. There is just so much to face in reality (work, family, commitments), sometimes you just need to have quiet time and time to heal the spirit before you can find the strength to continue. Quiet time needn’t come from a vacation; one can take five by getting a few undisturbed hours, it can be in a comfortable room reading, it can be a massage somewhere, it can be cycling to a quiet place and just relaxing. No matter where you find your rest, those few peaceful hours will come in handy to revitalize your spirit!

Picture 134

Do you have a favourite vacation spot?


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