Knowing Myself 2012


I know the year has not ended, but I would like to celebrate and release 2012.  And clear the pathway for the miracles to come. I want to release this year to find some clarity and closure-and come to terms with 2012. So it was apt when I came across a blog that mentioned the usefulness of the site below.

Some questions and aspects that I took from Leonie Dawson’s Incredible Life (highlighted in pink) =:

What beautiful lessons did you learn during 2012?

In spite of being super cynical, people were kind. There were people whom I didn’t know as well as my colleagues who showed random acts of kindness during my most down times and I appreciate these kindnesses when they rallied to help programmes to be successful and helped me with things that I didn’t even ask for.

My hubs, family and friends were very supportive and encouraging at unexpected times and those times were periods when I really felt very very taxed.

What dreams came true during 2012?

Dream of cycling and owning a bicycle. Have been a tad petrified of cycling solo, but I did it with the help of Hubs.

Visiting Australia, even if it was for work.

I know myself now more because I have been pulled and stretched like a giant going crazy with a rubber band this year by every single person at work and I had to do something I don’t particularly enjoy

I was transformed this year by the unconditional love and kindness shown by many people around me.

I let go of being able to control and do things perfectly.

I am happy because I still have family and friends who actually love me and whom I can turn to.

The incredible thing I discovered about myself was that I managed to maintain my cool when things went wrong at work and I have not broke down at work.

2012 led me to  embrace and admit that I had many weaknesses and to find ways to resolve those weaknesses.

What I want to share/rant about 2012.

I hated, hated the changes that 2012 brought, that I had to be dragged out of my comfort zone and meet with countless defeats no matter how hard I tried. And I promise you, I have tried my very very best and work my hardest and darndest. I hated that certain people were not ethical, I hated that I had to stand up for every single small thing because people didn’t understand and I hated to have to pretend to be so positive all the time.

I was glad for my workouts, my support group of family and friends and that they were amazing, loving. kind and the total opposite of what I had to face. I appreciate that there were kindred spirits at work and I was glad for their understanding.  I was grateful to be given chances and opportunities and benefit of the doubt. I was thankful for kindness from strangers.

Okay. Closure. Goodbye 2012. I didn’t particularly like you because you made me question myself and my decisions. You made me weak and made me unhappy at things that I used to enjoy doing. You made me lose a bit of hope and confidence. But I now realize that it wasn’t really you, it’s just that I had to face all my weaknesses and my fears and that is why I was a bit side tracked from all the wonderful things that happened. So goodbye , all that is 2012. You were a year I wished I could skip but in retrospect, very necessary for my growth.