On Wednesday.

After 2 rest days, it was great to get back into the groove of going for the usual morning run! I’m really falling in love with the outdoor weather recently, November has been quite cool-(which is what my temperament need these past few days)-and really conducive for doing longer distances. Can’t wait for my next off day to do a much longer distance, the mileage covered these last few weeks has been hampered by the stuff I need to get done for work.

My timing for the day

Morning Scene-before embarking on my run


The pond in Botanical Gardens

Some random thoughts recently on men who made news:

1) Enough of this guy’s (some director of a civil service organization) sexual escapades already-it’s almost nauseating for him to describe his trysts in court in a blow-by-blow (pun intended) detail seeing he’s really unattractive and old. Daniel Craig’s sexual escapades-Yes & most likely interesting. Unimportant ugly man sexual encounters-No.
I really think most couples are darn thankful that their spouses are very different from the dysfunctional marriage the guy below has. At this point, I think there isn’t any more laundry to be washed in public for them.

More info:


2) Also, what is up with Raffles’ shell shocked and dopey look? (Taken from the Raffles’ Exhibition)

Eats this week:

Red bean bread with Stonewall’s Blueberry Jam

Pork Rib Soup

Tonight I was feeling a little overwhelmed by work so I baked.

Double chocolate chip cookies! It tastes better than it looks-as attested by the Hubs. These are to thank him for coming down to my workplace to lunch with me recently, and make me feel better about work. 

Had green tea ice cream (made the other day) with strawberries

And watching Mankind-The Story Of Us. Great documentary-seems like early men were less passive than how folks are nowadays. They really had guts and spunk and a good deal of tenacity! It’s amazing how different people and events  around the world have a butterfly effect and are part of a large canvas of historical, religious and political developments. Watch it for inspiring figures who were thought to be rebels during their time.

I have 9  pages of admin brief and to do’s to look through later. Wish me luck! I am so very envious of stay home (mums, wives, girlfriends).

Have a great day tomorrow everybody!

Do you like baking? What are your favourite baked treats?

What is your favourite documentary that you’ve watched?


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