Snacky Sunday

For some reason after lunch I was feeling quite snacky. So whilst cleaning up the study, these happened:

Green tea ice cream powder which we bought from the supermarket. Just add milk, stir it up and freeze for 3 hrs. Easy peasy no?

Obviously I couldn’t wait 3 hrs so the below happened-I found some dried prawn crackers that a friend gave to me; so i baked it in my pan & shared a bit with the Hubs.

Whilst the crackers were baking, I also made a batch of blueberry muffins. We had one each for tea and the rest will probably last the week.

Dinner was a repeat from a few days back; home toppings pizza! Easy and tasty! We had them whilst watching Nodame Cantabile. Lovely to watch a show featuring music; reminds me of the Hubs’ guitar ensemble-it must be a wonderful feeling to perform music in public.

Sausage, pineapple & mushroom toppings

With cheese on top!

Slice o’ pizza

Looks like this day has been a real food day alright! Let’s hope the workouts of the week will make up for the snacking!
Do you have days when you feel really snacky? What do you eat?

Do you belong in any music group? Do you play any instrument?


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