A Mac & 2012

Christmas came early in the form below:

Mac Air Book!

It was a surprise from the Hubs! Seeing that my net book sounds like the hard disk is going to burst out every time I switch it on, it was a a really thoughtful gift from the Hubs! It’s really light weight and portable, but as a long time Windows user, it takes quite a lot of effort to adjust to the new interface and the new system. Also, I won’t be able to use Windows Live Writer anymore, so I will have to look out for a Mac alternative. It’s pretty challenging to re-learn the navigation on the Mac, but it’s a nice challenge! Also, apparently the Mac is easier to use, so I should be able to figure out this piece of tech toy–just give me some time to do that! 

On another note, I seem to have noticed that this year, 2012 seems to be quite a trying one for most people I know. It just seems like this year is filled with pot-holes–work-wise and in terms of personal fulfillment. To make it a fairer assessment, let’s take stock and see if 2o12 is really that miserable piece of work.

Pros Of 2012

1) Went to Australia for a work trip & fell in love with Sydney

2) Changed to a workplace nearer home

3) Went to Krabi & loved it.

4) Became stronger because of my new position and role at work.

5) Been able to make some inroads at new workplace. (I hope!)

6) Been able to take up running in the mornings & have been able to get off my sleepy butt in the mornings.

7) Still able to meet up with friends who have moved and started new lives.

Cons Of 2012

1) Work was crazy sauce.

2) Colleagues & portfolio I was comfortable with & loved moved and once again, work was, must I reiterate, crazy crazy crazy.

3) Uncomfortable with new position and role.

4) Hated, hated the changes at work. Need I say more–after more than 6 months, I’m still sore about the changes.

5) Still uncomfortable with changes.

5) Miss my old workplace and old work colleagues.

6) Not being able to go to Italy due to some unforeseen circumstances.

Okay-looks like there are more pros. But-the emotions felt for Cons of 2012 are so much stronger!

And it’s quite regretful to note that I won’t be looking back at the past months with fond memories. Although it’s due to these trials that I’ve come to appreciate the occasional period of good things happening–like being able to work out, having a roof over my head and having friends who will help you tide over those times.

The writer of Peanut Butter Runner shared the below which I thought was quite apt:

Talking about perspective, do read this I was a bit choked up when I read that, because we do have those days when everything seems to culminate into an unstoppable gigantic rock that seems to be rolling right smack into us. And how often at the end of it all, do we give thanks to be still alive and surviving?

Over and above, after all the crazy stuff happening around us, it’s nice to look back at these:

Happy times with colleagues!

Great morning runs!


Great times together!

Some questions below!

Are you a Windows or Mac user? Which is better in your opinion?

Any offline blogging tools for Mac?

Are you a fan of 2012? Have you weathered any storms recently?



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