What I Did Wednesday

After a nice break from the work week with a public holiday yesterday, it was quite revitalizing to get back to working out and work itself! Although every morning, before I get out of the bed, it’s always a mental struggle of “Should I go run today? I’m tired” and I always wish I can keep sleeping. It’s not easy but it’s worth the going up against the tempting voice that tells me to sleep more!

Some thoughts & random things I think of as I’m running in my half awake, pre-caffeine coursing thoroughly through my blood-stream mind:

0.4km : “I’m moving so slowly, why are my feet so heavy?”

1.2km: “That lady sure has hip looking Nikes for a woman her age (she’s 60plus and wearing bright pink shoes)”

1.6k: “ I’m slowly waking up, thank goodness it’s still chilly. Yowza! Huuuge dogs; I hope the guy doesn’t let go of the leashes accidentally”

2k-“ I should pause and take a picture of that lovely looking tree..but it will look the same as the other running pics-great music, it’s Wednesday and Lenka is still playing on the radio.

2.6-3k : “I should make 5k plus at least, let me run up and down that long path to get some extra mileage”

3.2-3.6: “ I wonder what I should wear to work today; hmm….”

3.8-4k: “ I’m so refreshed! I’m 100% awake-I wonder what the time is”

4.6k-5.4k: “  The sky looks beautiful; let’s see if we can make 6k”.

6k: “ok,that was a nice run, lets do it again tomorrow!”

 Picture 092 Picture 105

Satisfied after my 6k! All ready to face the day!

Came back, prepped some food for dinner and off to work!

Vegetable soup before work (onions, potatoes, carrots, celery and tomatoes)

Picture 106 

Vegetable soup after work-(with Hubs adding in more tomatoes and tomato puree for a much stronger taste). Soup; egg & sausage with Japanese rice! I wasn’t in the mood to make a meat dish and Johnsonville sausages are the best cop-out to get some meat in!

Picture 109 

Picture 107

Happy mid-week everybody! 2 more days before the weekend starts with more sleep!

What do you think of when you work out? Are you easily distracted by your surroundings?

 I think of a million things that normally I won’t pay much attention to, and my mind flits from one thing to another, even on the treadmill!



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