Tuesday Night Lights

Window shopping in supermarkets is quite a therapeutic hobby that came to me when we first moved into our new place a few years back. Ever since then, I have been a big fan of looking out for exotic & interesting goods at different supermarkets! Recently, one of the supermarkets underwent a renovation and they brought in quite an array of products!

Cheeses-even those with holes!

Picture 098

Vats of vinegar (like in ancient Greece)

Picture 099

Class-me-up xmas biscuits!

Picture 100

Dinner however, was traditional fare-seeing that the Hubs was still not bug free. So we had rice rolls (chee chong fan), with toppings (chinese mushroom, minced meat, dried shrimp, dried cabbage & bak choy-topped with sesame seeds and steamed with sesame oil & light soy sauce). Created it like how my mum used to make it! (but mine has too much toppings; just the way I like it!). These were left over ingredients that were used to make cabbage rice a few days ago.

Picture 101

Same ingredients, no?

 Picture 097

The evening ended on a sweet note when we took a walk down 2 park connectors to the ice cream gallery & caught up on some missed conversations!

Picture 103

Do you like to go grocery shopping? Or window shop at supermarkets?

I heart supermarkets & all kinds of grocer stores! I can stand and stare at aisles for quite a while looking at all the products, produce and what I can use them in!


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