Restful weekend

A funny thing happened tonight-Hubs & I were walking back from dinner when we passed a man having an ice cream cone walking happily with his groceries in hand. Hubs and I exchanged a look and we agreed the below was in order!I really think both of us are every advertiser’s dream audience-we get influenced by visuals so easily!


This was a nice end to a very restful weekend seeing that the Hubs was under the weather. Hence our anniversary and his birthday weekend was quite low key!

His birthday lunch on Saturday was a favourite dish that he liked.




When he came back that night from work, there was a meal waiting for him! Roast chicken soba-right kind of meal for an under the weather birthday boy! This was followed by a birthday dessert of milk and custard pudding and a funky monkey snack!

Picture 082

Picture 084

Since both of us were too beat to go out today (we are such party animals eh!), a healthy lunch of tuna sandwich was needed! With the leftover ingredients from past dinners (tomato sauce, some odds and ends of vegetables), a tomato based stew was created as well! It’s definitely an economical and tasty way to to use up all the leftovers from the fridge.


Picture 089

Picture 091

This weekend was definitely not how we set out to celebrate the two special events-but it was definitely restful. Although it was disappointing that we didn’t get to do the stuff we planned for the birthday and the anniversary; it was definitely rejuvenating for the body. Hopefully the Hubs feel better soon!  I did hope that the weekend would be more eventful but being at home all weekend did let me have some time to catch up on housework; cleaning and reorganizing so all was not wasted!

Cheerios & have a great week ahead all!

How do you normally celebrate your birthdays? Do you have it in a big bang sort of way or do you prefer a milder low-down celebration?


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