Pizza Night

After a pretty long and intense day at work [what’s new? :)], there was only one thing to look forward to; which is Pizza Night! –home made pizza to be exact. It was quite fast actually, 30mins in total to make 2 pizzas & 3 sides!


This was used as the base.  Topped with tomato puree/paste, chicken breast ham, salami, pineapples and cheeeese for one. Preheat microwave oven to 250 degrees celsius and pop the pizza in for 8 mins and voila!

Pizza No. 1

Picture 054

Pizza No.2

Topped with tomato paste, salami,honey baked ham,pineapples, cheese and vegetables! A much cheaper and healthier (hopefully) alternative to the big conglomerate pizzas!

Picture 058

Picture 057

Some sides: waffle potato fries, soup & pineapple salad. All devoured whilst watching Friends on cable.

Picture 053

It was all good because I had a great morning workout.  It’s nice to be awake and have quiet time before the rest of the world comes alive. I ❤ the rising morning sun glow; it’s a nice period in the day to stretch out those sleepy limbs and soak in the surroundings before grown up work and other stuff take over.

Picture 045

 Picture 050

Took a bend in the road less travelled, on an off beaten path which led to the backyard of a huge ginormous house belonging to the rich and fabulous. It’s great to have these morning adventures and discoveries!

Picture 047

Picture 049

And I broke through my 5k daily route by doing 6.40k today! I always thought I would be pressed for time if I did longer, but today I just winged it and I still had time to do get ready slowly and still be at work on time! It’s wonderful to have a sense of achievement before the day really begins. Especially when you know you may have long days at work, this feeling is definitely a necessity. Hope you all had a good Tuesday!

Picture 052

Have you made your own pizzas before? If not which pizza company do you like best? Mine’s Domino’s but the long arrival time has made me think twice before ordering from them !


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