Morning Goodness

What’s your morning goodness? Is it a good breakfast, good coffee, reading the papers, hugging your children or feeding your pets before work?

Mine’s a good cup of joe and this has helped given me the motivation to go on my morning runs these past 2 weeks! I was contemplating doing some other form of workout today but the good coffee woke me up a bit and I decided to just wing it. Although I started out a bit late today (6.50am), the air was still quite chilly (yay for end of the year cool weather!) and the morning news on the radio and groovy music kept me going! I must say I’m learning a lot of trivia and also keeping in touch with what’s rad in the music scene by listening to the radio!

The Botanical Gardens provide good mileage and lovely sights! Today’s sights revolved around water bodies.

Around the “Swan Lake Pond”

Picture 065

Can you spot which are the real and fake swans?

Picture 068 

Came across an unexpected waterfall in the Gardens! There’s still so much to explore!

Picture 070

There were people doing yoga on the green, ladies walking huuuge dogs and a tai-chi group doing their morning workout in a secluded corner. Running outdoors, especially in vast open spaces and along the roads really beats running in the park connectors-a tad claustrophobic for me. And the Gardens help you lose count of the mileage and when I got back this morning, I did 7.12k! It was a reelaxed run and since I didn’t feel the need to compete because there is no one else-it’s nice to take it slower and take in the morning sights!

Picture 072

What’s your morning goodness? What is one thing that you do to kickstart a good day ahead?


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