High & Low Points

Some high & low points from the week thus far.

Low Point: My Garmin ran out of battery today & died halfway on my run

High Point: I didn’t have to keep distance & could run willy nilly, as far as I can & with no regards to distance & timing.

Low Point: I felt disheartened at work this week because I felt I wasn’t making progress as much as I would like to due to many setbacks.

High Point: Meeting up with friends  & running with Hubs and friends this week has kept me going through the setbacks and as much as  I’m   disheartened at work, I’m enlivened in other aspects.

Picture 037

Workout & friends-important for one’s sanity!

High Point: I’ve been getting used to my outdoor runs routine and they really make me feel brand new every morning before work!

Picture 040

A new running route!

Low Point: Had a busy day at work on Monday and was fretting about undone chores at home

High Point: Hubs made dinner-Japanese Ramen & finished up the chores!

Picture 039

I reckon it’s not easy to get over some humps sometimes; and some days you just want to throw in the towel. But what’s important and also tough is to find that lovely bend in the road and to be glad to have gone over the hump. Perhaps it has been a difficult week-work  is insane, or perhaps family members or children have been trying—Or maybe you are stuck niggling with some adamant banks/clerks/storekeepers— no matter what, it is always much more calming to seek that little high point that you have missed whilst in the middle of a low week.

Another High Point- Our 4th wedding anniversary is coming up this week! Wow; it really feels different on print as compared to telling people. Really makes us seem old!

To kickstart the celebrations, some good breakfast food was in store.

Picture 041

Salami on crackers, with chicken breast ham, alfafa sprouts & greens. And  glucamole spread on the greens for me!

Picture 042

Same thing on a wrap with egg & greens for the Hubs!

Since Huns is out for the night having his guitar practice, some dessert and sitcoms are in the works for me-lemon sorbet with honeydew & watermelon and Frasier here I come!

Picture 043

What are your high points this week?

What do you usually have for dessert?


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