Changes II

After last night’s wonderful sleep (caused by the mojitos), it was refreshing to get a run in. This morning, I managed to make it to the Gardens! (even though I started out at 6.5oam, the weather was still as chilly as before, and my Garmin started up immediately, so I’m guessing the cloud cover must have been scarce). 


Pre-workout fuel: Banana nut crunch cereal with bananas!

It’s always nice before the whole place is filled with sunlight!

Leafy trail in the Gardens

Lovely running path.

The Garden’s pond. This really reminds me of overseas parks

Love the many trees! It really clears the mind!

My running stats.

I’m starting to get used to running outdoors- I’m usually not a religious person at heart, but the outdoors makes me give thanks to God for all the nature that abounds and that I’m able to run and enjoy this space. 

Also, I have had some trouble grappling with my new roles at work and I know that changes are definitely inevitable and on-going, but these runs make me stronger mentally to deal with the inevitable and even though I may not be comfortable, at least I know I can have a run to deal with these things, and at least I have the morning run and personal space to enjoy before the day descends onto me. 🙂

Something else I can look forward to later today: Watching Skyfall with the Hubs and appreciating the very manly Daniel Craig whose manly line is along that of: “my hobby is resurrection“. 

Have a good week all!

Have you ever encountered changes at work in which you had to take on roles that you may not have been comfortable with?

Are you going to watch Skyfall? Are you a fan of James Bond’s movies?


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