Changes I

Have been doing outdoor runs for sometime now; it’s a wonderful change from working out indoors. It must also be less cloudy nowadays cause my Garmin is able to detect the satellite location very quickly as compared to the last few weeks! Yesterday saw quite a chilly but rejuvenating run to the edge of Botanical Gardens. It’s a change from running through the park connectors which are getting a little crowded, so it was quite relaxing to take an unplanned, less travelled path. Also, instead of listening to my usual playlist, I took my phone along and tuned in to 98.7, the radio station and to my surprise it was really enjoyable and I like the unpredictability of the playlist. Of course, the really funny DJs also helped to make my run more interesting!

It was good to clear my head before work and with the changes at work and having to solve a lot of things at work these past few days, the run was really useful!

Outside my block, before the start of my run; wonderful morning!

Doesn’t it look like autumn?

So nice to have empty paths!

Slow relaxing 5k!

Total distance covered

Guess what! It was such a busy day that I didn’t have any time for lunch event though there was something healthy planned! Instead I had to rush for a meeting and I could only subsist on a cup of coffee (oh the horror!) 🙂 The only wonderful thing that came up of the day was date night!-to Chilli’s!

Of course, we had to have Chilli! & gumbo soup!

A plate of baby back ribs was shared and demolished.

Mojitos was a must for a tough day!

And the rest of the night was a blur because the mojitos did help me feel more relaxed and I promptly fell asleep at 8.30pm! Looks like I wasn’t meant to be a party girl!


Do you workout with a planned playlist? Or do you prefer listening to the radio?

Are you a drinks kind of person? I definitely am not!


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