How’s your mid week going? I’ve been thinking and breathing work non stop since Mon due to some big events happening tomorrow and Friday.  Things have been hectic lately and I’m exhausted. 🙂  Right now, I’m focused on getting some things done but A RUN will definitely happen again this week!

In the midst of the madness, I found some pockets of lovely things happening to help myself decompress.

A lovely, filling and wonderful lunch with the Hubs! The Hubs has been really supportive and helping me to unwind by coming down to have lunch with me these past few days—and it was needed! Sometimes when you work for long hours with fellow colleagues, you need a little break and a little space from them. Yesterday, we had lunch at a London themed cafe—check out those salt and pepper shakers! And today, seeing how I demonstrated a little unwillingness to go to work (just like a school kid!), we had breakfast out—(an uncommon thing to do!).

Picture 004

Decadent lunch-poached eggs, ham and sausage!

Picture 005

Something came for me yesterday!- This is a cool tea maker for those who like to use loose tea leaves. Put the tea leaves into the Ingenuitea contraption, let it steep, and put it any cup, and the valve loosens to let the beverage out into your cup! Easy peasy!

Picture 006

Healthy dinner yesterday—beans, faux crab meat, chicken patty and greens!

Picture 007

Looking forward to the below tomorrow, we got a big bag of beans!

Picture 008

This past few weeks, I’ve been quite stretched to the limit and I’ve thought of giving in and giving up many times. But I’ve found so much inspiration from different blogs and I will leave you with these thoughts:

From Peanut Butter Runner:


From Meals & Moves:


How do you decompress when you are faced with a lot of work worries or other stressful situations?

What is one quality you like about yourself?