Weekend Capades

We had a long weekend this week! There was a national holiday on Friday so the festivities began on Thursday! The hubs and I went out for dinner but because it was so good, we decided to push forward our anniversary dinner by two weeks and make that meal our anniversary dinner. It was a sushi heaven for us when we got the sushi set.

Part 1 of the set meal that included some tempura, steamed egg, miso soup, grilled fish, tamago (Japanese layered egg) and spiced seaweed.

Picture 006 

Part 2 of the meal: sashimi

Picture 005

Part 3 of the meal: Sushi! Safe to say that at the end of the meal, we were definitely burping fish and we definitely got in our requisite Omega 3 for that week!

    Picture 008      Picture 007

Friday kicked off on a movie date to watch Taken 2-the fast paced, heart racing movie. Funny thing was that there was a group of really young under-aged kiddos, around 11 yrs old who were there on a class outing I presume; and they were quite shocked into silence at the racy and pseudo violent parts. How they ever got to buy the tickets to the show without raising any eyebrows I will never know, because the show is PG 13!

Dinner that night was home made chilli—with minced meat, onions, diced tomatoes, tomato paste and chilli powder. Tacos  were a necessary accompaniment of course, and so was avocado!

      Picture 010                  Picture 011

This was followed by an awesome Friday coffee date with friends! I dare say these coffee sessions really help to keep me grounded, sane and gives me the strength to approach life with humour!

The highlights of Saturday included housekeeping, followed by an awesome sauce run down the Punggol Waterway, a riverside park near my parents’ place! It’s part boardwalk and part nature trail, so one part of the park forks out onto a red-soil trail which seems to go on and on; definitely good for some legwork! The place was beautiful and breath-taking and it made the run wonderfully enjoyable. There were dark clouds in the horizon which made us a bit hesitant about going too far but there wasn’t any rain in sight! I’m quite thankful that the parks in the country have really been built with much thought and they are quite beautiful for runners and cyclists to appreciate!

 Picture 013                                                               

  Picture 015                                                                                                                                                          

   Picture                Picture 014


The evening ended off with  a warm dinner with the fam and later, a visit to friends’ place in the area! It was a great packed day; which was quite relaxing actually! One thing for sure, there was time to catch up with the Hubs and have great conversations as we go about the various activities during the long weekend. Things have been hectic so this was a great chance to get some great and silly conversations in!

The rest of the night will probably be spent catching up on some blogs in the blogosphere and to get some time in with inspirational and motivational posts for the week ahead!

Check out the following for some added inspiration:

Healthy Tipping Point: http://www.healthytippingpoint.com/

Tina Reale: http://www.tinareale.com/blog/

Peanut Butter Fingers: http://www.pbfingers.com/


What are your weekend escapades or “capades” this week?

Do you run in parks or trails?


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