A Tenacious Day

With all good days there would come some pretty lousy ones in the mix and yesterday was one of them. There were some complications caused by certain people at work which resulted in consequences that I was not entirely pleased with. In fact, I was cheesed off. Infuriated perchance. Which actually, turned out to be a good thing because the workout I had this morning was the bomb.com. Because I was still steaming a bit, I went for a 5.46 pace run on the treadmill before I went for my morning combat class. Boy, the uppercuts and hooks and rounddhouse kicks really rocked like never before and by the end of the session, I was feeling way lot more mellow and much more appeased. The instructor was a sub for the regular one but he was really funny and he got the groove pumping. Really intense workout but really essential for me.

After a long work day, it was really really a relief to go back to the Hubs-O-Meter (who bought dinner for the night!) and it was good to just talk about things and totally chill.

A girl gotta do what a girl gotta do especially after the maddening situation- so last night I gave in and dug into this:

Mr Ben and Mr Jerry were definitely not kidding about the maple caramel swirls and large chunks of brown sugar brownie chunks—it makes one feel like they are experiencing autumn in their mouths! Anything with maple syrup, or maple flavour has to be de-li-cious. Usually I’m a sorbet kind of girl, but yesterday warranted something with a fuller, richer flavour to indulge my senses in.

Picture 056

Dinner last night came in the form of left over meats in chinese style wrap buns.

The meats (leftover slow cooker pork)


Picture 053

The buns

Picture 054

The combination

Picture 055

This was before the not-so-pleasing news came and thereafter, I had do the following to take my mind off stuff (cos the Hubs was at a guitar practice).

1) Watch Fraiser (and think of snotty comebacks for some people)

2) Watch Scooter Live In Concert and feel amazed by the draw he has on thousands of Eastern Europeans.

3) Find some solace in Mr Ben and Mr Jerry.

4) And today, kicked some butt during workout!

Trying days will definitely be part and parcel of living. And we have many more days to try-to control how we feel, how we react and how not to let these days overshadow the other important parts of living and the people closest to us.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the week!

How do you cope with trying days?

Are you a sorbet or ice-cream person?


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