Lovely Monday

Managed to squeeze in a morning combat before work and it gave me the extra boost I needed at work today! I find that morning workouts help me to be more rejuvenated and energetic and I’m more mellow when making decisions and clearing work.

Saw quite a touching scene today at the stationery shop I patronized—this old illiterate lady who didn’t seem quite well off bought a birthday card and asked the store clerk to help her pen a birthday message and to address it to “Jerry” , her grandson. For some reason I just felt a twinge of sadness and wondered if “Jerry” would appreciate the card or just toss it aside amidst his other expensive presents.

Went for a nice 5k run with the hubs after work; the weather was a bit chilly and the paths were not so crowded which made for great conversation run with the hubs until I decided to get a bit competitive on the the run back with an unknowing American couple who were doing fartleks on the opposite path. All I can say is that the few minutes pushed us out of our comfort zone!

Hubs surprised me after the run by taking me on a date night dinner seeing that he had a practice tomorrow night and I was busy Wednesday night. We went to Flam’s (a French-German joint that served flans) and the food was really good—light and full of flavours. Also, dinner after a run always taste so good!

A goat cheese-bacon-honey flan was shared, together with some Alsac sausages and a Shirley temple for me!

Not to be confused with the custard flan (dessert), the flan served here resembles a flat thincrust crispy pizza.

                                                                    Picture 043                                                       Picture 044     

Nice, quiet & homely setting; perfect for a date night! Real classy joint!

Picture 046

Lovely sausages & goat cheese bacon honey flan! Goat cheese was added a strong flavour to the flan, balanced by the drizzled honey.

Picture 047

Picture 045 

Hubs before the food arrived

Picture 048 

Me with Ms Shirley Temple after food was devoured.

Picture 050

Date night ended on a sweet note with chendol snow ice dessert; doused with copious amounts of gula melaka (caramelized brown sugar) and red beans.

After a night of great conversation & traisping through town on a quiet night, it is back to doing laundry and just chilling in front of a “Diners, Drive Ins & Dives” episode before calling it a night!


Have you ever tried a flan before?

What is your date night or night out like?


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