Scenes From The Week

This weekend welcomed the start of the rainy season which is fantastic—great cool weather to look forward to! Although this may put a crimp in outdoor workouts, it is still a wonderful feeling to get back some cool weather that puts people in a milder and nicer mood.

Workouts this week included:

3 body combat classes & a nice run—the weekend saw me puttting off working out in favour of spending some quality time with family & just resting my body a bit. But seeing that I signed up for an upcoming 21k in Nov, I will have to step up a notch in my running mileage.  So I found this great running plan online and it is definitely much better to have a plan to work towards.


In the meantime, some other great indoor workouts can be found using this Iphone/Android app—Nike Training Club. Each set comes with a series of  3-4minute workout for different areas and with each workout lasting 30mins, this should suffice for anyone wanting to get a quick burn!


We tried out a new place on Thursday; a great Indonesian joint where we had the usual egg tofu salad and grilled chicken. The servings were huge & scrumptious, but we may just stick to our usual Indonesian food haunt that has the serving size right at more affordable prices.

          Picture 035             Picture 034

Fri saw a favourite come back in the form of minced meat in Hp sauce & peas tacos, served with a side of chicken muffins!

         Picture 037 Picture 036

This was followed by a great coffee date with friends, a saturday of relaxation spent at my parents’ and topped off with a rainy Sunday afternoon spent at home baking this:

Picture 041

From this: (with the addition of walnuts and raisins)

Picture 042

This relaxing afternoon was a far cry from the rather adventurous Fri morning in which a large part of it was spent tracking down a lizard that found its way in on Thursday night and battling it and exterminating it in the process (the exterminating done by the Hubs). –all of which was done before 6.30am in the morning.

A nice moment was felt today when the homily touched on why we often blame the powers that be (God) for the bad & terrible things in life but fail to be thankful when good things happen to us. I guess most of us are quick to have a transactional relationship with the higher powers that be to get us out of scrapes rather than focus on developing an unconditional and reverent relationship with God-which is all too similar to our own relationships with people around us & more importantly, our family. How often do we call back & thank our family as compared to calling them when we need help? It’s apt then, that we are reminded of this unequal transactional equation that we impose on people and God.

Let’s count our blessings & have a great week ahead all!


Do you like working out with a set plan & end goal in mind?

Are you squemish about insects  and exterminate them immediately or do you adopt a live and let live attitude with them?


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