Mid Week Rest!

Today came in the form of a rest day; took a break from work and spent some quality time with myself! Went for a workout in the morning, followed by a rejuvenating face therapy massage (in which I took the chance to catch up on some sleep!) and a visit to a dear friend’s home to visit her baby boy. It was cute to see mother and son doing so well & great to catch up on some lost time 🙂

In the midst of travelling from one place to another, I found alone time in the Curry Times, an eatery that served up curry dishes and had the nicest curry bun the last time I went. It had a 1970s setting and sold old fashioned snacks—a rather quaint and quiet spot to do some reading. So before my facial, I quelled my hunger in the form of a curry bun, a cup of coffee (all for only $2.40) & found time to read some blogs as well. The bun was hot & fluffy from the oven and had the right amount of meat, potatoes & curry spice in it. It’s definitely a great way to get some quiet time in!

Picture 021 

Quaint Curry Shop with all things curry, Chinese style!

Picture 023

When I got back from visiting my friend, it was time to make dinner! The theme was Japanese fare and since I had Miso paste with me, I decided to make Miso soup & Japanese rice. It was easy to make the soup, using the daishi stock as a base, adding in onions, carrots, dried spinach and tofu, followed by adding in the miso paste at the end. It turned out like those miso soup we have in Japanese eateries so I was quite encouraged by it! Looks like we would see more Japanese meals in the weeks to come!

Picture 030 Picture 031

Picture 024

Following the Japanese theme, I thought it would be nice to have chicken balls, & Japanese rice (with cabbage), along with some sides of cucumber & endamame beans for a nice touch. The muffin size chicken balls came from a mixture of minced chicken mixed with peas & carrots, marinated in sesame sauce which I prepped some weeks back & froze for later use.

Chicken Muffin size ball with  a leftover sausage from the night before!

Picture 025

Japanese themed dinner!

Picture 026

Picture 027

Preparation & washing up for the meal didn’t take too long so I decided to give the house a scrub down with vacuuming and mopping & now the floor feels clean and squeaky; felt great to get some chores out of the way!

Well! It was certainly a very much constructive and fulfilling rest day for me; and also nicer still to be able to take five and recharge for the rest of the weeks ahead! Will end off this slow & easy day with some favourite sitcoms-New Girl, Modern Family & more episodes of Frasier! Happy midweek everybody!

How do you usually spend your rest day or vacation day?  Do you  find time to spend quality moments with yourself?



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