Sleeping And Re-Framing

Today, whilst I was preparing to workout before work, I received this text from the Hubs. 

Picture 016

The article mentioned that women who are able to sleep well are happier in their marriages and good marriages had a causal effect on women’s ability to sleep well. This made me laugh out loud in the locker room because the only reason why Hubs sent me this is because I fall hard asleep once my head is on any flat surface—make that any parallel surface. Hubs had made a many winning bet on how long I can stay awake when I’m reading anything lying down or just lying down period. The longest time was 15 mins. I told Hubs that I must either be supremely happy with married life or I have narcolepsy or I’m just really tired! 🙂  [all of which apply to me].

Sleeping is just so essential to me—I remember my mum describing me as being very disciplined with my sleeping time on weekdays—it has always been 10.30pm since secondary school—(i slept at 9.30pm in primary school)  and I’m always so displeased if things prevented me from sleeping at that time. I also remember telling my Hubs when we were dating that he shouldn’t call or text me later than 10pm; falling asleep watching World Cup once (when it dragged beyond 10 & no goals were hit) and dozing off at late night movies (on the occasions that I went). Now, the only things I stay up for is my Friday coffee sessions with pals or when I go for a night run or bike ride.  Even when I’m watching telly at home, I drift off into dreamland in front of the tv set after 10pm.  I can wake up early (5am nowadays) but I cannot not turn in late. With the sleeping curfew of a primary school child, I am amazed by people who can stay up in pubs and party all night—because it ain’t a party if I don’t get my sleep. I reckon that was how my parents could trust me because they probably figured I couldn’t paarty all night long hah. Strange how the body is programmed to function by familiar routines! So I’m guessing that scientific study made Hubs a happy man knowing that I’m pleased with married life 🙂

Work was nice today because I met some great people at work. Receiving excited texts on ideas for an on-going project from a colleague also made me very glad because it’s inspiring and motivating to know that people are feel invigorated and believe in the success of a task. This brings me to the theme of re-framing—which was actually a title for a course that I saw at work. It’s so poignant because it reminds me of how much re-framing I had to do earlier this year—having to relook my perceptions & re-packaging  negative thoughts into constructive, positive ones. Many times this year, I realized that my judgments about people were very different once I understood the predicament/position the other party was in, rather than concluding that the other party was all out to be difficult. It may seem so easy to follow through but it was only after some encounters when I personally spoke to them, that I realized why they felt a certain way & then I could understand their behaviour.

Re-framing one’s thoughts is the root of life’s lesson.

Dinner was given to us by the Hub’s parents yesterday—a shepherd’s pie! Which was decimated after a run we had after work—a great reward for a wonderful workout! This was followed by a thirst quenching dessert of watermelons! Perfect end to the evening. Now, perhaps I shall go lie down & do a little light reading-or just sleep.  Hope y’all had a good Monday!

Picture 018 

Picture 017

What time do you usually turn in at night? Does sleeping late make you grumpy?

Have you ever been so sure about your judgment about someone, only to to feel the contrary when you speak to them?


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