Scene From The Weekend

So glad for the restful weekend! It’s such a treat from the last hectic weekend and the rather work filled week. The festivities of Weekend Relaxation kicked off with the usual Fri breakfast pancakes , followed by solo date night at home on Fri (whilst the Hubs had a dinner engagement), with a veggie taco dinner and some episodes of Frasier.  Its a treat to have some me-sitcom time & seeing how I’m an introvert, this space of silence actually allows me to recharge!

Picture 007

Pancakes with a wedge of laughing cow cheese, walnuts & maple pumpkin butter!

Dinner of tacos, vegetables, peas & minced meat!

Picture 008

Weekend Operation Relaxation continued with a visit to my parents’—have not seen them for over a week and it’s funny how going back to your parents always make one more relaxed and comfortable & you know that they will just spoil you with warmth and treats. Coffee at my parents’ always seem to taste nicer too. I think there’s something about mums & the coffee they make that makes you feel better all over.

Picture 010

Parents’ place & coffee!

Picture 011 

The weekend continued with a wonderful meetup with pals whom I’ve not seen in over a week too! Over chai tea, orange cake & a puppy, good conversation, fellowship was shared & it was great to catch up & meet up! It’s like we always need  constant reassurance that no matter what the week brings, there will always be pals around for us to have some laughs over the events that transpired during the week. Talking & good laughs are the best ways of comfort!

Me and the very well trained & well behaved pup! Kudos to the cute couple who trained her so well!

Picture 013 

This morning saw us having a good breakfast at a nice Asian toast place, after mass, before we gallivanted around town for a bit & calling it a day!

Picture 014

A nice eggy breakfast!

Picture 015 

That has been a great weekend, catching up with loved ones & having some space to recharge  & now it’s back to doing some chores before the week starts! It’s starting to rain a bit now so having some good hot coffee may be the way to continue this restful day!

Have a great rest-of-the-weekend all!

Did you have a good restful weekend? What are some things you do to recharge for the new week ahead?


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