Things Will Be Okay

This phrase has been so apt in describing the day’s events. Remember the presentation that I had to do today?  I was kind of worried abut it, tossing and turning in bed and having some dreams about it as well.  By day break I thought if I didn’t gather my mind and wits  about me, things may not work out. So I did what I could and went for a run on the good ole treadmill in the gym, listening to my favourite running playlist. By the end of it all, I felt a whole lot more able to face the world .

After a breakfast of jam-ham french toast (my take on french toast) & a cup of good coffee for the hubs and I, I hit the gym.

Picture 001

Picture 002 

Picture 004

Picture 003

Yup, it’s only a 5km run, and since I was recovering from my cold, I thought I would do a 8km when I feel better,; perhaps on Fri when I take it outdoors.  But the run really did wonders for me & lifted my spirits much!

I thought I seemed a tad shaky during the presentation which was with senior upper management but they thought it was good so *phew* thank goodness, a stone from my heart lifted & I was extremely grateful that things went okay; it felt like I just took a major exam! I think as we get older, we can hardly take stressful things well.  One thing for sure, I won’t like to be in management; everybody seems so proper & official. Seems like hardly any room can be left for mistakes.

The day was followed by another meeting, this time with quite a kindly man about some programmes that we are doing. It felt so nice to be treated with kindness & hospitality. Finally, the day culminated with a programme I had to run for some parents & kids and although I was feeling a bit tired & my mouth still felt extremely cotton ball like, the programme was carried out well & I could finally call it a day.

This was one of the jam packed days that I’ve had & I’m just so thankful that everything was okay. That in spite of the many unpredictable elements & my mind being pulled in a million places, that things went okay. So I guess the moral of this is perhaps sometimes, in the midst of very difficult moments, there will be amazing times like these that make you feel a little loved by the world because you caught a break and things ended up okay. 

The lovely part of the night ended with Hubs-a-meter making Sukiyaki for dinner, it’s great to sit down to a hot piping soupy dinner after a long long day.

Picture 005

Picture 006 

Alright, I need to improve on food taking skills.

Do you have any moments when you had a good day &  you felt so relieved  & thankful because everything went okay?


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