Under The Weather

Have been under the weather for the past couple of days—due to the culmination of a big event that I took care of that happened during the weekend. The event went well  thankfully by the grace of God & higher powers but I paid a price for it—boo. It’s not fun having a sore throat & a woozy head but now that it has become a full fledged cold, I feel better (I don’t deal well with sore throats 🙂 ). Resting was necessary & extra sleep do wonders for the body!
Had a great run last Friday before all these & I was glad I went for it. Didn’t run with my Garmin; just a nice untimed breezy run. It did wonders for my mind & it was so rejuvenating as there was a nice chill in the air.

Picture 003

That was me before I succumbed to the bug which  left me looking quite  pallid & off-colour.  Thank goodness the  Hubster was around to indulge & nurse me back a tad. To top it off, I have an important presentation to make tomorrow, so I think a run/workout would be best tomorrow to think things through.  My mouth has this cotton ball feel & for the last two days, have had :

Pulled Chicken (can you believe this came from a small whole roast chicken?). Didn’t know what to do with it, as it was given to us, so I just put it in the crockpot with some water—it was already seasoned & voila! Nicely pulled chicken that can be used for a sandwich later in the week!

Picture 008

My craving for the past two days! –Corn cracker (or biscuits); it really helps me feel better seeing that my appetite & tastebuds have diminished due to my cold.

Picture 009

Am feeling a bit disoriented due to the upcoming presentation I have tomorrow; oh well, c’est la vie. I really wish I had a more caring & understanding management.

I will in the words of General MsArthur & Arnie from The Terminator, I will be back! (with a vengeance!)—& overcome this head cold!! 🙂


What are your go to foods when you are ill?

What are your mantras for dealing with something that you are nervous/unsure of?




2 thoughts on “Under The Weather

  1. haha must have peserverance when you start. Start out short distance & slow, gradually as you can run longer, you don’t have to focus on the running part (ie, the speed & distance), let your legs do the work & you will you will enjoy it because it allows you to zone out & think over things. Run a short one with her & then it will be enjoyable because you can use the time to talk to each other also 🙂

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