Tough? Tough!

It’s a great tough week. Yesterday, Hubster came back early (& it was my day off from work as well); & he suggested going for a run along the riverside- another beautiful long forgotten route. This was after I did a Body Combat class in the morning but it was too great an idea to pass up!

The run was as I have always remembered & it brought back many wonderful memories—of my runs there after work with the Hubs before we got married, the runs along the familiar bridges I had with our married couple friends after we got married, the runs past those watering holes that we used to do on the weekends, in the late nights & now this route has become more of my cycling route. So it was a nice feeling to get reacquainted with it again & I especially love that route because of its scenic, not many slopes so you can just think & let your feet move smoothly.

This run was after my combat class that had a gazillion squats and lunges as well and it helped to loosen some tight hamstrings & we did have lotsof fun talking, catching, & pacing this guy who was doing fartleks. It got a bit competitively fun  at some point, but it’s an unspoken thing that runners all innately competitors & when you see a fellow runner ,it’s always in the name of fun to run a bit faster or keep pace. My legs were really tired out when I got back but it was a good rejuvenating workout!

It’s lucky really, that Hubster bought food back/wanted to eat out for dinner then seeing that this week I have been strrretched—between working out, making breakfasts & prepping dinner, dong laundry and spending time working & commuting between different branches; I’m surprised I’m haven’t burst a vein. & oh not forgetting 2 outreaches I have over the weekend & a presentation to make next week. Hoo Boy! But it’s kinda impressive to look back & see what I’ve done! I’m so envious of stay-at-home mums/wives (they really lead the good life eh!)


Tough? Tough! And that’s why I have to work out! So I can cope with so many things & not let them spill out of my head!


What I Made Today:

Pulled beef & chicken stew (from leftover meats) Delish!


Some scenes from the ‘hood:

Line Across The Sky!


Picture 035

Fluffy clouds!

Picture 025

What I’m Always Thankful For & Especially So When I Feel I Have An Albatross Around My Neck:

1) My incredibly loving family who knows when I need a rest; when I need to sound things out & when I can be so vulnerable and its unconditionally ok.

2) My amazing wonderful Hubs who knows when I need a hug, when to let me rattle and talk about random stuff & who helps out & knows when I need a break from all the work.

3) The kindness of strangers who email me back when I ask questions & who treat me as a real person.

4) The cheerfulness of colleagues whose laughter is the best medicine to get through long days.

5) My dear non judgmental friends who are there through coffee sessions to talk things out & to cheer my spirit on

5) These & so much more, I need to always be thankful for. 🙂


When was the last time you raced a fellow stranger-runner ?

And if you are married,would you like to be a stay home wife/mum?


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