Scenes From The Week

Tried a new recipe for breakfast this week! It’s an old dish that my mum used to make for us when we wanted a hot breakfast cereal. It’s savoury Quaker quick cooking oats with a dash or two of sesame oil, minced pork & an egg; topped with pepper & a spoonful of japanese furikake for added taste. I just can’t believe that I managed to recreate my mum’s way of cooking oats through rough gauge! All the more, I can’t believe that Hubstoria liked it! (since his palate is le sensitive 🙂 )

By the way, savoury oats has been recommenced by Mark Bittman as an alternative way of cooking oats—so I guess our mums knew what they were doing when they used to cook oats this way.

Picture 032 

Some other new eats I created: Fruit & Veg Salad consisting of apples, grapes, endamame beans, black eyed peas, zucchini, tomatoes, garbanzo beans and sea-salt almonds.

Picture 026

Home made tom yum soup ( this picture does not do it justice!). Funny thing about soups—usually I start them off right but Hubs-O-Meter completes the soup by adding some other condiment/ingredient for it to have the right taste at the end. It’s a long standing joke between us that we can never do soup dishes alone-one has to start it & the other is needed to complete it.  Thai  clear tom yum soup is still the trickiest soup to make by my standards because of the various spices and herbs needed.

Picture 031

Some other happenings-watching the latest modern family episode whilst sipping fresh brew at Starbucks in NUS! (whilst waiting for hub-a-dub-dub to finish his guitar practice before we had the guitar group Sports Day—organized by the guitar group for fun!) It was a day of being school kids again, pitting against different groups in many fun games!


Picture 030

Me & the hubs

Besides tele-matches , there were track events; like 200m & 100 m dash for guys & girl. And a relay in which at the end point, there was a tough maths problem to solve! Cool eh!

That was me doing the 200m dash—my gos running super fast and running long are worlds apart! My bum ached a bit after that!

My group came in 2nd though! Yay! I get super competitive at all things, as long as I know I’m up against somebody! I am totally a Monica, I tell ya!

The fun ended off with a Mid Autumn  Celebration & lantern procession!


Picture 029 

It was supremely enjoyable & its wonderful to be around people who are so participative & so full of life and positivity! They really inspire me to be dedicated to work & play and they are living examples of how we can all let our hair down & have fun in wholesome ways.  It’s really rare to come across a group of kindred spirits who are so positive to living life.

On the work front, same old same old – busy busy busy. So it’s a good thing that I can draw strength from these inspiring people, my workouts & my runs. On another note, I have been spending some weekends with my grandma (natural phases of life taking place); & I feel a tad disoriented because I am surrounded by a lot of things that require my attention as well. So I find that although work is important, at times, there are other things that supersede it. It’s moments like these that make me look to those whom I’m inspired by & do what they would have done!


When was the last time you took part in any competition? Were they sports related?

Have you met anyone whom you would like to emulate?


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