Happy Hump Day

Happy Hump Day all!

I never knew what it alluded to until I checked it out on google and Urban dictionary defines “Hump Day” as “the middle of a work week (Wednesday); used in the context of climbing a proverbial hill to get through a tough week”

Are you over the hump yet?

This has been quite a tad busy and tiring; but have been going for morning runs these past 2 days to help alleviate the feeling of fatigue, which helps! The routine has been: wake up at 5 am, read , catch up on news, make breakfast, go for a run at 6.45am. I’m trying to workout without the gym at the moment to get my running momentum back instead of doing classes. It’s much nicer outdoors too, especially the morning after a rainy night-also, it’s more uplifting to see other people enjoying their outdoor workouts too! So I took a new route yesterday that went to the back of my place and I saw some poignant sights. Usually in the mornings, parents drop off their little ones at the preschools, but yesterday the route took me past a school for special children, and I saw the parents dropping off the kids, some rather old, waving to them and peering anxiously as the kids went off from their parents to the hands of the welcoming teachers. Unconditional love is always touching and humbling to see.

This week has been a week of interesting eats, mostly healthier and more Japanese themed food as Hubs is on his way to meeting a healthier and fitter  physical goal.  So savoury oats (with minced meat & peas)it was for brekky yesterday and ham/salami on a sandwich thin today.

Picture 002    

  Picture 003 

Dinner has been Japanese themed food. Yesterday was Japanese rice with some tofu & broccoli stir fry (which I forgot to take any pics of) and today was home-made udon!

Using Japanese packaged udon which I had lying around,  together with the daishin & miso soup as a base, we added tofu, dried spinach, carrots and onions! Some leftover roasted meat was also added to the noodles!

Picture 005

Picture 006 

Ok, it does taste so much nicer than it looks!

Picture 007

Some baked cod fish fillet nuggets to pass off as tempura and of course, the necessary veg intake!

Picture 008

End result: Happy healthy dinner for a cool night!

Some funny stuff that transpired over the course of dinner:

1) We discovered that soup cannot be made by 1 of us alone! Inevitably, it always ends up with me making the base and the Hubs will always do the end part, ie: add in more seasoning etc so that the soup will have the authentic taste of the original. Tonight, the Hubs felt that the soup for the noodles was a tad healthy for his taste, and something seemed to be missing. So he added in more mirin and miso and voila! The soup tastes like the replica of the ones we have in Japanese restaurants! Therein, no soup can ever be a one-man show, it always take two to make good soup!

2) It’s cute when the Hubs take an interest in helping me take pictures for the blog so much so that I am banned from using instagram to take pictures as “they make the colour of the food look too orangey” and “it’s nicer to see the food in the original state”.

And because we have survived mid-week, here are some random quirky facts about me that may suggest that I’m OCD but I’m actually very normal:

1) I have to check all the rooms before I leave for work just in case I’ve forgotten to switch off something

2) I get disturbed when I see a grammatical error in print (ie: on facebook), and I get very very tempted to correct it on the spot

3) I have to straighten the door sign outside the door before I leave.

Perhaps the next time I will share some other quirky facts that doesn’t make me seem like Monk.

Have a good week all!

I’ve just finished watching Taken with the Hubs –horrifying for me-I’m uncomfortable with this genre! and am in the mood for some Maple Hugger Ice Cream!


What are some quirky facts about yourself? Any particular habits, or routines that you have?

What kind of movies do you like?  I’m all for movies that are not violent,  have a happy feel about it with some love elements !