You Just Do Things

Work flew by in a haze today; mainly because I was completing a long overdue paper I was supposed to  write. But felt good though to dedicate the afternoon to finishing it-whew-how did I ever do my thesis back in uni?

Have been reading this book and several lines jumped up at me which I thought are so pertinent to resolve the weak  mental state that we are sometimes in; especially when we are faced with a daunting task and want to throw the towel in.


(Yes, that’s the hub-a-dub-dub behind the book)

From the book:

I had learned that once you started something you didn’t quit, because in life much like an ultra-marathon, you have to keep pressing forward.

I ran because overcoming the difficulties of an ultra-marathon reminded me that I could overcome the difficulties of life, that overcoming difficulties was life.

Ypu could carry your burdens lightly or with great effort. You could worry about tomorrow or not. You could imagine horrible fates or garland filled tomorrows. None of it mattered as long as you moved, as long as you did something. Asking why was fine, but it wasn’t action. Nothing brought the rewards of moving, of running. Sometimes, you just do things.


So no need to analyze things to death sometimes, just do!

Did a combat class today; felt so good to start a week with a workout!

Some eats recently:

Sunday Bkfast: Waffles with blueberry jam, laughing cow cheese & apple baked ham

Picture 001

Cooked up some whole wheat bee hoon with vegetables and a black eyed pea roll for Sun dinner after visiting my grams.


Picture 002

& a lemon herb tilapia on the side.

Picture 003

Tonight’s dinner: The before picture of pumpkin soup with onions and carrots in crockpot.

Picture 005

8 hrs later- all ready!

Picture 006

Do you have any  special mantra to will yourself through tough times?

What is your latest crockpot recipe?


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