Slow Run In The AM

Grabbed a slow run this morning after a thunderstorm earlier on at 5am. The weather was cool & there was some cloud cover which was great after the many days of heat. Ran a slow run & did a long forgotten route to Botanical Gardens—not a lot of people around so I didn’t have the innate need to compete & run fast. Took it real slow this time seeing I would be doing cardio work tomorrow & Thurs.

Was afraid the weather wouldn’t hold so didn’t do  loops around the Gardens as I would normally have done—perhaps on Fri!

Really nice to run on a non-deserted  yet not crowded route. Good to have time to enjoy the run!

Picture 013

Some sights this morning:

 Picture 007



Picture 008

Picture 009

The Gardens’ entrance

Picture 011

French Onion Soup in the crockpot today-see you 8 hrs later!

Picture 014

Do you like to run in the morning? What is your longest run you ever did in the morning?

– Mine was 10k –will do that when I have time in the am! 🙂


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