A Long Week

This has certainly been a week! Lots of stuff to do & look into! A working gal’s life is not easy! 🙂

So some workouts to combat this:

Wed-Run & Nice Long Walk with the Hubster

Thurs-Body Combat

Some eats that fueled me through the past few days:

A bvacon omlette on top of cheddar cheese with strawberry jam on an Ezekiel bread.

Picture 020

Before & After Picture of Vegetable Chicken Soup.

-Zuccini, Broccoli, carrots, onions, potatoes, ginger, tomatoes all in crockpot!

Picture 021Picture 022

Chicken mushroom roll on cheddar cheese, with raspberry jam & tomatoes on an Ezekiel bread!

 Picture 026

Random Thoughts:

Have been waking up ard 5.15am for the past few weeks, gives me so much more time in the mornings

Loving the new Body Combat & Body Pump Release. The music rocks too!

Picture 024

Do you have any good eats & workouts recently?


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