What A Day

What a day; lost my phone in between getting to work.  I wonder how it could have ever happened but some things just do. And to think I had a gut feel I was going to lose something so I was extra careful with my wallet instead!

Traumatic but a lesson learnt. Somehow I feel that my distraction is partly due to work & its effects on me but I have to find a way to cope so no excuses.

Anyhow, managed to get a body combat & body pump class in today so the trauma of losing the phone has been dulled & less dramatic.

Also, am breaking up with negativity! Have enough of it dictating my worklife so a break up is inevitable. Goodbye negtivity; our relationship was not meant to be according to Kelly Clarkson; I’m moving on:

You heard that I was starting over with someone new

They told you I was moving on, over you

You didn’t think that I’d come back I’d come back swinging

You tried to break me, but you see

Eats of the day!

Brwon/Purple rice, Minced Meat in HP sauce with broccoli & veg

Picture 017

: Beancurd!

Picture 018 

Was just thankful that my colleagues , the Hubsteronian and family members were supportive & consoling and understanding of the whole lost business. So I lost a phone but was contacted (funnily enough) by many.


Traumatic Days, anybody? 🙂


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