Scenes From My Run

Had some familiar favourites for lunch today!

Picture 015

Picture 016

Prawn noodles for me & minced meat noodles for the Hubsover.

For tea, we broke in the Jap tea set that the Hubspper bought! Every time we start on a new Japanese drama (Ryoma Sakamoto this time), we feel the need to bring the theme in our everyday life. We are living vicariously through our Japanese snacks & food. The grey ceramic really called out to me & it was a steal for $28 (teapot & teacups!)

Picture 001

After which the zzz monster tried to tempt me into dreamland & we decided to banish it with a run! Explored the neighbourhood of the really rich and fabulous in our vibrams.

Look at how tall we are!

Picture 003


The familiar park

Picture 004

New neighbourhood!

  Picture 005

Picture 007

Picture 008

Back home!

Picture 011

& That’s a really tall-ish poodle!

Picture 013

& that concludes my run!

Picture 014

Where are some of your favourite runs?


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